The White House Gallery

Velaphi Mzimba

South African (1959 - )


Using striking colours and thick impasto paint Velaphi Mzimba’s artworks reflect the environment of South African townships.
Mzimba’s art does not show pain or anger although he was dedicated to the struggle liberation against Apartheid. Instead the viewer is met with positivity and warmth reflecting Velaphi Mzimba’s determination to put across "a message of hope and unity in our society” as well as the enduring importance of family and tradition. His technical ability and dedication to each artwork can be seen in the layer of paint & mixed-media on each canvas.
Renowned for his paintings of African faces, vegetables and mixed media landscapes Mzimba’s work can be found in many corporate and private collections both locally & internationally. One of his paintings, entitled Sabuwona - a Zulu greeting - was chosen by former president Nelson Mandela as a gift to the Rockefeller Foundation during a visit to the United States in July of 1993. Mzimba has exhibited extensively over the last three decades; including solo shows in South Africa, Namibia, Northern Ireland, Canada and the United States.