The White House Gallery

Jeff Koons

American ( 1955 - )

Jeff Koons derives inspiration from things you might find at a yard sale: inflatable plastic toys, vacuum cleaners, porcelain trinkets and other items not typically considered fine art.

He is the epitome of Neo-Pop, a 1980s movement that looked to earlier Pop artists, particularly Warhol, for inspiration. Koons’ steel Balloon Dog sculptures, probably his best-known works, transpose a passing childhood memory into an enduring form.

With greater showmanship, and on a grander scale, than any artist before him, Koons presents us with the clash between high art and popular culture. His most recent work has explored themes related to sexuality, kitsch, celebrity, consumerism, and childhood.

Series such as Hulk Elvis, Gazing Ball, and Balloon Dog resonate with critics and the public alike. Jeff Koons remains one of the most celebrated figures in contemporary art.