The White House Gallery

Jim Dine

American ( 1935 - )

A self-described “romantic expressive artist”, Jim Dine is known for his timeless iconography: hearts, robes, and Venus de Milo themes. Dine has proven fearless with his experimentation of composition as well as techniques used to create finished works. 

He has inventively used unlikely methods: power-tools, coffee grounds and India ink in order to give each of his compositions the impact of a unique work, with each impression heavily worked by the artist’s hand.

Throughout his career Dine has always been an avid printmaker, enthusiastically approaching the art form out of his love for the process. With over 1 200 images printed in his career, up to this point, Dine “has never had a year where he hasn’t printed at least once” (Jim Dine: 99 Seconds of Jim “About the Love of Printing” by The Institute for Art Dokumentation).